Grosera is a contemporary jewelry project that arises from the exploration of traditional silversmithing techniques and a playful approach to materials. All of our pieces are genderless and quirky.


Our pieces are made by order and handcrafted in sterling silver at our studio in Mexico City.
Please allow us 7 days for production after your order was placed.

Grosera did not start out as a brand

It launched at 2019 by Camila Gb, an interdisciplinary artist with a background in silversmithing and jewelry. She is directly involved in all activities related to the pieces, from design and creative direction to the sampling, polishing and soldering of the pieces. This personal involvement allows her to explore and experiment with materials beyond the initial concept and design, connecting Grosera to her artistic practice.

Solecito and Sol earrings

The Solecito started it all. It's a sun, a small one, or maybe it's spikes. This is our base design and we think it's cute and menacing at the same time. It measures 4.3 cm wide by 5.7 cm high. It is made in sterling silver, and it is beautiful. We made after it the Sol earring, a bigger and bolder hoop.


Shark tooth necklace

Take a chance with nature's barbs. This necklace is made of sterling silver shark teeth. Comes in two sizes for thinner and thicker necks.



We made a sterling silver set of Buttons stud earrings and chain necklace. We also have the Baby Botón!